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Can Enzyme Supplements Really Keep Hair From Going Gray?

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Even beauty-industry titan L'Oreal has shown interest in the hair-raising idea. Last year, Bruno Bernard, head of the company's hair biology group, told the United Kingdom's Daily Mail newspaper that it was working on an anti-gray pill that it expected to be in production by 2015. This summer, it was reported by New York click Magazine that the Paris-based company had filed a patent application for what it called a "secret potion that will prevent gray hair. Forever." Company spokeswoman Suzie Davidowitz told USA TODAY, "Although we have chosen not to unveil any further information, we can affirm that this discovery underscores the importance L'Oreal places in its advanced research." But several smaller companies are already up and running with anti-gray pills with such catchy names as Go Away Gray, Get Away Grey and Grey Defence. Cathy Beggan's Go Away Gray claims to "permanently cure gray hair" in as little as eight weeks by delivering the enzyme catalase to the hair follicle.

A Pill To Prevent Gray Hair - Is It Finally On The Way? - Forbes

Hard to say. The road is littered with discarded vitamins and minerals that made perfect sense but proved to be digested and excreted without effect. Some experts have suggested that it may be more effective to supplement the minerals such as zinc and selenium that the body uses to produce catalase, MSR A and B, and tyrosinase, rather than take them directly. Spinach, avocados, and liver are rich in catalase, so you could always try adding these to your diet for a more natural approach. Next Step: Risk Warnings from Docs Of course, were talking about important enzymatic reactions here, and doctors immediately reacted to the LOreal visit this page announcement by cautioning that there may be significant risks to meddling with basic biology in this way. Without a product available from LOreal to test, however, its hard to argue for or against prevent gray hair pill health concerns.

Go Away Gray -- can such enzyme supplements really keep your hair from going gray? Age may just be a number but, when you look older than your actual age, it changes the number game and the look perspective. Typically, we, Asians we start going gray at our mid-30s. But, you just turned 25 and your hair had turned gray. This is about a decade earlier than youre supposed to set those hair locks in the silvery skies. I believe what you have is premature graying of your hair. What could be the reason? Dont worry, this doesnt mean that you are already sick of some sort although in rare cases, this might be linked to some medical causes.

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